Recreational Skippers Ticket

Your boat or ours? RST Assessments are our specialty

We conduct Recreational Skippers Ticket assessments on your boat or on ours, both Theory and Practical. Our Approved Provider (AP) and Registered Training Organisation (RTO) is Yachting WA.  The RST assessment on our boat is done at Hillarys Marina boat ramp only.

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What does the assessment consist of?

The assessment consists of two parts:

  • Theory Test
  • Practical Test
The theory test is a multiple-choice assessment of 40 questions where an acceptable pass is 34 answers correct, while the practical assessment is a series of eleven tasks including using a marine radio and a ‘man overboard’ drill. You will be fully briefed on the requirements of the practical assessment before we start. For the theory assessment you will need to study the Recreational Skippers Ticket Workbook (this is essential) prior to the assessment (available from Department of Transport website here).  (press control and click)

In addition, you can get a good idea how you’re going with your study by testing yourself with these Dept of Transport Boat Knowledge quizzes here.

We coach you through the whole process to ensure you get the right results!

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Age restrictions and Assessment requirements?

A person aged between 14 and 16 cannot be in charge of an RST vessel unless they hold an RST.  Age restrictions also apply to this age group – vessels may be operated only during daylight hours and at a maximum speed of 8 knots.

Applicants under the age of 18 will need a letter of consent from their parent or legal guardian here, appropriate I.D. (a current passport will suffice for ‘Full I.D.’ if not a primary and secondary I.D. will need to be obtained) and possibly an eyesight test from an optometrist on a Dept of Transport form hereNote: If under 18 applicants hold a current WA Drivers Licence or Learners Permit, this will suffice for both eyesight and I.D. and a separate eyesight test will not be needed.

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Interstate or overseas ticket valid for three months.

If you hold a valid/current interstate or foreign skipper’s ticket, recognised by the Department of Transport (DoT) and listed in the skills recognition section of the Department’s website and you enter Western Australia as a visitor or with the intention of permanently residing in the State, you can use that boating qualification for three months after you first entered the State. After that period you must apply for a WA Recreational Skippers Ticket if you wish to continue operating an RST vessel in this State. (DoT administrative changeover fee – $98.00).

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Recreational Skippers Ticket Information
(from the DoT website)

Recreational Skippers Ticket

The RST is a certificate of competency, not a licence. It is purely about demonstrating the minimum knowledge and practical skills needed to operate a boat safely on the water. It is based on a set of marine safety competencies that have been agreed nationally. The assessment of these competencies will be in two sections: theory and practical. Depending on your prior qualifications or existing experience you may be exempt from all or part of the assessment.

It is important to remember that only one person on board will need to hold the RST. In the same way that a captain is in charge of a ship, this doesn’t mean that they must be at the wheel the whole time. It does mean they are responsible for what happens on the boat during the voyage.

RST Workbook

Who has to have one? Every skipper of a registrable recreational vessel powered by a motor greater than 4.5kwp (6 hp) (RST vessel) will be required to hold a Recreational Skipper’s Ticket.

You can download a free copy of the Recreational Skippers Ticket Self Study Workbook from the DoT website here.

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